Creating strong links between school and home

The Alert

A weekly online newsletter, distributed every Wednesday.

This is the main source of whole school communication. In the Alert you will find the Principal’s report, school announcements/alerts, Before & After Care information, requests for/from the school community, Friends of WPS (FOWPS) information, the School Calendar outlining all the important school dates and much more. Online is the school’s preferred distribution of the newsletter as it is cost effective, both environmentally and financially. Hard copies can be supplied on request. If you would like to inform the school of  an event or something you think will be of interest to the school community, please submit to the WPS Office Manager no later than Tuesday 12 noon.

The Warrandyte Primary School Website

Everything you ever wanted to know about the school can be found on the school website

Our school philosophy, vision, historical information, blogs, newsletters, annual report, strategic plan, school values, staff, school contacts, school bus information, policies, canteen, uniform requirements are all available for you to view on the website. Take some time and have a look. You might find a photo or two of your child. Importantly, if the school is to close due to a “CODE RED DAY” or “EXTREME DAY”, there will be a notice on the home page of the WPS website.


A FREE communication phone app where you will receive notifications from WPS.

These can be general notifications or more specific notices for your child’s class. It is very important to get on board with this one, and it’s easy! Go to your App Store, search FlexiBuzz, and download it. Once the App is on your phone, open it and go to ‘Find&Tick.’ Search for ‘Schools, Primary.’ Search for ‘Warrandyte Primary School.’ Then you must choose ‘Emergency Management’ plus your child’s specific class.

Special note to Apple users; click ‘allow notifications’ when asked. It is a very important app as the school will be using this to communicate to families across the fire season and other emergency situations. We also utilise a ‘Communication Tree’ as another means of contacting families in cases of Emergency.

If a “CODE RED DAY” or “EXTREME DAY” is declared all families will receive a FlexiBuzz notification of school closure. Such notifications need to be acknowledged through a simple reply system on the app. Don’t forget your child changes classes every year so your specific links need to be updated every year.

In addition, you can submit your child’s absence, access the newsletter, canteen and uniform list and put a request in for the school/teacher to contact you (the last four are through the ‘whole school’ feed).

Year level Blogs

The school has Blogs for each of the 4 levels: Foundation, Year 1-2, Year 3-4 and Year 5-6.

Links to the Blogs can be found on the home page of the school website. Parents will receive an email when there is a new post on the Blog. If you have not been receiving blogs please contact the office and your email address can be updated. The WPS teachers use this tool to communicate student experiences such as school excursions, school camps and classroom experiences. You can also comment on the posts.


You can join two pages – a PUBLIC Warrandyte Primary School Page and a CLOSED Friends of Warrandyte Primary School page.

When looking for us on Facebook, we can be found at ‘Warrandyte Primary School.’ This public page (open to all community members) is full of all the interesting things that WPS has been up to. You can also join our ‘Friends of Warrandyte Primary School – FOWPS’ group. In this closed group (open only to the WPS community) you must request permission to join or better still get a friend who is a member to invite you. Please use this portal if you have any questions that you think the WPS parenting community can help you with; for example, clarification of casual days, FOWPS information, fun/informative parent links, etc. We ask that parents, students and teachers are the only members to access this group, as the information posted is only relevant to our school community.

Face to face

Meet in person with your teacher or our Principal

We have an open-door policy in all of our classrooms at WPS. If there is something you need to discuss with your child’s teacher or the Principal, please do not hesitate to make a time to meet with them.

Warrandyte Primary School Diaries

Provided by the school for children in Year 5-6.

Children are encouraged to use this tool to record their homework requirements, upcoming events and achievements. Discuss with your child’s teacher what their expectations are of the diary, as each teacher uses this tool in a different way.

Cohort Term Newsletters

Newsletters are visible on the blogs and a printed copy is sent home with your child.

Each term, look for a newsletter through the Blogs from your child’s cohort— Foundation-Year 2, Year 3-4 and Year 5-6. This often includes specific term dates for each cohort and explanations specific to learning experiences in each area.

Student Reports, Portfolios and 3-Way Conferences

At Warrandyte Primary School we utilise a number of processes to enable parents/carers to receive a picture of their child’s level of achievement, strengths and future learning areas.

At the end of Terms 2 and 4 student reports and learning portfolios are sent home. All portfolios contain a collection of student work samples from across the curriculum, including specialist areas.

In addition, at the end of Term 2 teachers hold 3-way conferences where students have the opportunity to present to their parents aspects of their learning and reflect on them as a learner. During the 3-way conference you will also have the time to ask questions.

How you can get involved at Warrandyte Primary School:

Classroom help:

Teachers welcome help within the classroom. In Foundation to Year 2 you can volunteer to listen to the children read from their take-home readers, or assist with a group activity in class. Speak with your child’s teacher about what time is best to help out in class. Please note that all class helpers are required to have a current Working with Children Check.


The Friends of Warrandyte Primary School group is always looking for new members to help out with event organisation and fundraising activities. You are welcome to join the group’s planning meetings or just help out with a specific event. It’s also a great way for new parents to make community connections. Check the newsletter for the contact details of the current FOWPS coordinators.

School Council:

Parents are welcome to nominate to join the school council at the beginning of the year. Council is a valuable way to contribute to the school’s operation. Free training is available to parents on the role of the school council. Parents are also welcome to attend school council meetings as observers at any time.