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Warrandyte Primary School is proud to offer a variety of learning opportunities across each of our year levels, and to offer engaging and diverse experiences for all of students.

Click on the images below to view some of the many special things that have happened within each of our year levels.

Warrandyte Primary School Went to the Moon

On Friday, 19th July Warrandyte Primary School celebrated the 50th anniversary of the moon landing by Apollo 11 mission. The students came dressed in a variety of costumes that ranged from Jupiter, to space and of course astronauts. Mr Rick Griffiths stated, “It is so...

Prep News


This term, the Prep students have been busy exploring the concept of ‘change’. Through investigating the changing colours of the leaves in autumn, the students wondered about the other things in our world that change. So far, our wonderings have seen us explore: how...

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What a Start!

With the end of first term near, it seems a long time ago, that our eager new Preps bounded through the historical doors of the Old Stone Building. With some nerves and mostly excitement, the new Prep students had been counting down the days until their first day of...

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Year 1&2 News

Mrs Sargood Incursion

On Monday 29 June, the 1/2 students of Warrandyte Primary School were visited by Mrs Sargood as part of ‘tuning in’ for their Inquiry concept ‘Time Changes Many Communities’. Mrs Sargood acted as a teacher from the olden days (1869) and shared many facts about what...

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One World – Many Stories

In Term 2 we are exploring the idea of, “One World – Many Stories’. This unit aims to introduce students to the concept of a story, our connections to stories, and what shapes them, for example individual experiences. Students will explore various ways a story can be...

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Basketball Clinic

On Tuesday 26 February, all year 1/2 students were visited by Klossy and Briony from the local Warrandyte Basketball Club, the Warrandyte Redbacks. Students participated in various drills where they were able to practise the basic skills of basketball. Students learnt...

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Year 3&4 News

Currawong Bush Park

On Tuesday 19 March, Year 3 and 4 students set off to Currawong Bush Park to participate in a whole day of activities focussing on sustainability and the environment. The students were thoroughly engaged as they rotated around four workshops that explored the concepts...

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Year 5&6 News

Ghosts of Our Past

In our inquiry unit, Ghosts of Our Past, the students have chosen a significant character from our colonial past to investigate. They have been given weekly homework tasks that lead up to an exhibition on Open Night. We have organised an excursion to the Old Melbourne...

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Swimming Carnival

On Monday 4 February, the Year 5/6 students competed in their first annual house sporting event as they headed to the Doncaster Aquarena Pool to swim as a part of their house teams. Students participated in a variety of events, including freestyle, backstroke,...

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