Electric Cars Craze – Level 5 & 6

This term, all Level Five and Six students have created Electric Cars as part of their Inquiry topic.

We asked a selection of students what thought about the Electric Cars unit. Here are their responses:

“It’s fun and really creative. And it shows us new ways to make objects move.” Ethan (Grade 6)

“I think it is fun and challenging, and helps us to all get involved.” Evie (Grade Five)

“I think it is great that we get to create our own designs, instead of being told what to do.” Oakie (Grade Five)

“It’s really good! I like seeing them go and watching the time trials.” Jo (Grade Six)

On Thursday the 12th of June, each car will be timed to see who has the fastest vehicle. All winners will be posted here., so stay tuned!

This group certainly has used their recycled materials effectively!

Ready, Set, Smile!

We wonder if the colours make it go faster?