Foundation – Term One

Term one saw many exciting opportunities for the Foundation Students at Warrandyte Primary School.

With a focus of settling into the routine of school, the students developed their learning of sounds and numbers through a hands on and engaging approach to learning. The multimodal learning approach undertaken at Warrandyte Primary School saw the students participate in many adventurous activities such as: creating slime when learning about ‘s’, making salt dough dinosaur fossils for ‘d’, and hosting a ‘Family Morning’ when learning about ‘f’.

The Foundation students enjoyed meeting their Grade 6 buddies.

The Buddy program encourages peer relations across the school and encompasses the community environment of Warrandyte Primary School.

Foundation students participated in the Warrandyte Festival. Sporting their sporty attire the students walked down the main street of Warrandyte in support of the school and local community.

The value of encouragement was important as the students supported each other to run as far as their legs could take them for the School Fun Run.

Endless amounts of creative talent was shown at the Easter Bonnet Parade.  All students independently made their hats at school.  Congratulations to Clem, Eliza and Henry for receiving awards.