Over the past few weeks 4/5 J has been experimenting with yeast. We have learned that different temperatures of water mixed with yeast and sugar create different amounts of gas.

We’ve been learning this through the use of 3 empty water bottles, all of the same size, that we have labelled 1, 2 and 3.
We put the same amount of yeast and sugar into each bottle and added the same amount of water but at a different temperature. These were cold, warm-37 Celsius and hot > 50 Celsius.

The tops of the bottles were covered with balloons to create a seal and we watched for at least one hour to see how much gas was created. As you can see by the photos some of the balloons blew up quite a lot. Squeals of excitement and a definite buzz could be heard in the science room.

We collected our results and compared them with our predictions.

Both bottles 2 and 3 were a success.

The project was a very enjoyable project for 4/5 J.
Evie, Tayah and Raphy.