Our Opportunities


One of the wonderful things about Warrandyte Primary School is the relationships that are formed between students of different ages.

Our Buddies Program is a dedicated program in creating cross-age interactions, as our Year 6 students buddy up with a Prep student to support their first year at school. Time spent with their buddies is enjoyed by both the Prep and Year 6 students, as a unique relationship is formed. For the Preps, their buddy is a further familiar face, while each students’ social and emotional skills are enriched.


The Warrandyte Primary School Bushband started in 1983, and has run ever since. Each year, senior students have the opportunity to audition for a variety of traditional ‘bush’ instruments, including spoons, washboard, lagerphone, slapbase (also known as a tea chest base), wobble board and vocals.

The Bushband was the creation of local Warrandyte identity, Kevin O’Mara while he was a teacher at the school during the 1980s, and he continues to lead the Bushband, in his own inimitable style, nearly 30 years later. A talented musician and song writer, Kevin regards the Bushband as an opportunity to harness and develop the natural musical talent and enthusiasm of the senior students at the school. With the Warrandyte Primary School Bushband, he has created a unique performing group that has become iconic in the local area.

State School Spectacular

The annual Victorian State Schools Spectacular is an invaluable performing arts opportunity for Victoria’s government school students from Prep to Year 12. It encourages creative skills, discipline, perseverance and confidence over months of rehearsals. With the support of our Performing Art Teacher, a group of our senior students were offered the opportunity to participate in the Victorian State School Spectacular last year.

2019 School Concert

Highlights from the ‘Beatuy of the Beast” Production.

Warrandyte & District Community Music Program

The Warrandyte & District Community Music Program is an after school music program held at Warrandyte Primary School and is designed to provide quality instrumental music tuition to primary and post primary students.

Tutors prefer children to be in at least Year 2. If a younger child is interested, please speak to the coordinator or tutor before enrolling. Some children may be physically too small to play some instruments.

Instruments being offered include guitar, bass and violin. WPS has a number of guitars and violins for hire.

Guitar / Bass tutor: Rob Smith 0424 273 550

Violin tutor: Matthew Arnold 0414 780 633

Coordinator: Catherine Harrison 0401 015 835 or wps.musicprogram@gmail.com

Jam Hot Music

Jam Hot Music offer group lessons for drums, keyboard/piano and vocals.

These classes are held on Monday’s during school hours.

For more information regarding Jam Hot Music, please contact Jason Stonehouse 0419 872 875 or jamhotmusic.com.au


During school hours, students are offered the opportunity to participate in a weekly chess program. Chess brings together students of all ages as they compete against each other and in tournaments. Our Chess program is run by ‘Chess Ideas’, who facilitate a challenging and competitive program for all students, from beginners to accomplished players. The program enriches a child’s analytical and logical skills and has shown to improve their math skills.

In previous years past students returned to Warrandyte Primary School to share their developed skills and the learning they are completing now.