Our School

Principal’s Welcome

Warrandyte Primary School provides outstanding educational programs with high expectations of all staff and students as it continually strives for improvement. Teachers collaborate in teams to ensure students grow in confidence, developing the necessary skills to become successful members of our community.

The school provides rich, authentic, open-ended teaching and learning activities, with a wide variety of opportunities for all students, including individualised student programs.

We are very proud of the learning opportunities that we provide our students. There is a daily focus on reading, writing and mathematics. We provide a targeted literacy intervention and support program and high achievers are challenged by providing a differentiated and individualised program. They also have the opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities and work with likeminded students from other schools. Students are involved in weekly science classes involving hands on experiments and investigations. A STEM room is being developed to further support our science program and other areas of the curriculum.

Our specialist program affords the students many opportunities to excel in a chosen area of interest. Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Japanese and Physical Education provide students with a wide range of experiences. There is a camping program from Years 3-6 and a Year 6 leadership program for our senior students. Numerous sporting, musical and other extracurricular programs allow students to develop their areas of interest but also challenge themselves to try something new.

At Warrandyte Primary School we have a strong focus on student and staff well-being and welfare. We believe that to be ‘at our best’ we should be mentally and physically healthy. We encourage and promote the ‘Respectful Relationships Framework’ and ‘Whole School Positive Behaviour’ model. Our students are engaged in regularly practising mindfulness, gratitude and empathy. Students from Year 1-6 use a daily well-being journal.

Committed families and an outstanding school community support our students and staff. Parents are encouraged to participate in school activities and develop a positive connection with the school.

For further information regarding the school, please read our website or contact the school on 9844 3537.

Mr Craig Crouch

Our Values

At Warrandyte Primary School we C.A.R.E.

CREATIVITY in a dynamic learning environment This means:

  • We look for new ways of doing things.
  • We can demonstrate our learning in different ways and can consider alternatives and be flexible.
  • We strive to develop questioning minds.

ACHIEVEMENT of potential This means:

  • We set goals and strive to achieve them.
  • We understand our strengths and areas for improvement in order to extend ourselves.
  • We aim to embrace all areas of our academic, social, physical and emotional development.

RESPECT for ourselves, others and the community This means:

  • We treat others as we would like to be treated.
  • We protect our school environment.
  • We aim to be fair, honest and responsible to ourselves and others
  • We look after our school property and all belongings.

ENCOURAGEMENT of ourselves and others to do our best This means:

  • We motivate others to do their best.
  • We talk to others in a positive way and provide constructive feedback.
  • We build confidence in ourselves and others.
  • We celebrate everyone’s successes.

Our History

… a rich past, a school for the future.

Warrandyte Primary School was established in 1862 to accommodate the growing population attracted to the first Victorian gold discovery. It is bordered by the Warrandyte State Park which contains the old mines and protects the indigenous flora and fauna. The ambience of the school is enhanced by its proximity to the Yarra River and encompassing parks.

Century old photos, the original school bell and original stone building can be seen throughout our school. Our school’s history and the discovery of gold, continue to be taught to our students as they develop their connection with our community and their understandings of the concept of change.

1800 – 1950

1856 Warrandyte’s first school commenced at the diggings 1863 Lessons conducted in Anderson’s Creek Court house while new school built 1863 Board of Education declared 12th on the alphabetical list to be Anderson’s Creek Common School No 12 1873 Newly created Education Department introduced state school system and Anderson’s Creek State School No 12 came into being with James Eccleston Walker as Head Teacher 1875 New school opened on Forbes Street site 1902 School bell erected 1908 Name of school changed to Warrandyte Primary 1925 New brick and stucco extension erected 1934 Terrific flooding inundated Warrandyte and annual school picnic deferred 1939 Warrandyte decimated by fires. School survived but shelter shed, many fences and school committee records destroyed 1941 Pine plantation established

1951 – present

1953 Nine new classrooms constructed 1963 Learner swimming pool opened 1970 Canteen opened 1972 School library opened in April 1975 Commemorative plaque to Centenary of Stone Building 1976 Art and Crafts centre constructed 1983 Multi-purpose hall and Music room opened 1991 Removal of Pine Plantation to establish football oval 2005 Opening of the Sustainable Garden on the pool site 2007 Extension to Middle Year classrooms 2011 Opening of New School Building (BER) 2012 150 Year Celebrations 2016 New Oval 2017 Refurbishment of Main School Building

Student Wellbeing

At Warrandyte Primary School we believe the students learn best when they are a part of a supportive environment. At the beginning of each year, time and care is spent to form a positive learning community for each child, with students playing a role in moulding the expectations of a classroom. We believe the relationship between a teacher and student is pivotal in promoting the best learning experiences.

During weekly activities, Prep to Year 6 students develop their understanding of their emotions, personal strengths, positive coping, problem solving, stress management, help-seeking and positive relations. As with many areas of learning at our school, through such activities we aim to create skills and capabilities that will assist a child throughout their schooling and beyond.

We encourage and promote the ‘Respectful Relationships Framework’ and ‘Whole School Positive Behaviour’ model. Our students are engaged in regularly practising mindfulness, gratitude and empathy. Students from Year 3-6 use a daily well-being journal.

Student voice/agency plays a key role at Warrandyte Primary School. Through representation on school committees, classroom forums and leadership roles students are engaged in the decision making process in relation to their learning and school focus areas.

Cyber Safety & ICT

Warrandyte Primary School is an accredited eSmart school. We invest time and resources in educating students to be safe and responsible in the on-line environment. Students are involved in the prevention of cyber-bullying activities and play an active role in ensuring their cyber safety.

ICT is used as a learning tool at Warrandyte Primary School, alongside many others, to support the learning experiences of our students.


Every student at Warrandyte Primary School is a part of one of four houses. Students are awarded house points when they display our school values in their daily school life. During various sporting activities, students compete within their house. At the annual Swimming, Athletics and Cross Country competitions, the four house colours are strongly represented. The school’s Houses are named after significant individuals of our local community.

Rats of Tobruk

The servicemen of the Rats of Tobruk have a very special place at Warrandyte Primary School. Over time a very fortunate longstanding relationship has been formed. Each year our Year 6 students attend the Rats of Tobruk Hall, to meet the remaining Rats of Tobruk and their families. The students learn about the journey of the soldiers and to try to imagine the hardships they experienced.

At the end of their visit, the Year 6 students create a piece of writing that reflects their experience with the Rats. At the Year 6’s Graduation, awards are presented to three students who’s writing has been recognised as outstanding by representatives of the Rats. A scholarship is also awarded to a student who continually strives to do their best and demonstrates exemplary values.

Kids Hope

Contributing to the strong community spirit at our school, we are lucky to have the volunteers of Kids Hope visit our school on a weekly basis. These amazing volunteers work one on one with students to assist with their learning and wellbeing needs. Students look forward to the time that they spend with their Kids Hope mentor, while their influence is appreciated by the whole school.