Prep Enrolment

Choosing a school

To help decide which school is best for your child, consider the following:

  • What are your child’s needs and interests? Will the school be able to cater for them?
  • Is the school reasonably close to home, work and carers?
  • What facilities does the school offer? Are you comfortable with the feel of it?
  • What is the schools approach to teaching Literacy and Numeracy? Do they follow a research based pedagogical model?
  • Are other services available such as after school care, canteens and music lessons?

Parents may wish to ask prospective schools:

  • the size of the school
  • teaching methods and classroom environment
  • approach to student wellbeing and engagement
  • school hours
  • levies
  • assessment and reporting procedures
  • extracurricular activities
  • communication between home and school
  • student participation, e.g.Student leadership programs
  • parental involvement, e.g. parents and citizens’ association.’

Foundation Enrolment


For 2025 Foundation enrolments our school will begin to use an online system for new enrolments. All primary schools in Inner East and Outer East areas of the North East Victoria Region will in time transition to using this online system. Schools that are not part of the online enrolment program in 2024 will continue to use paper-based application forms.
The online system will be available for parents who are applying to enrol their child in Foundation (Prep). An application form can be completed on laptops, PC’s and mobile phones. The online system will also allow you to upload documented proof of residential address.  To register your application please follow the steps in this link :

It is important to note that the placement policy is followed by all government schools. You can view the placement policy above. Your chances of being offered a place in the schools you apply for are not advantaged or disadvantaged by using this system.

Victorian government school enrolments for Foundation (Prep) for the 2025 school year will open from Monday 15 April 2024, the start of Term 2. Families are asked to submit enrolment applications by Friday 26 July 2024.