2024 Prep Enrolment

Choosing a school

To help decide which school is best for your child, consider the following:

  • What are your child’s needs and interests? Will the school be able to cater for them?
  • Is the school reasonably close to home, work and carers?
  • What facilities does the school offer? Are you comfortable with the feel of it?
  • What is the schools approach to teaching Literacy and Numeracy? Do they follow a research based pedagogical model?
  • Are other services available such as after school care, canteens and music lessons?

Parents may wish to ask prospective schools:

  • the size of the school
  • teaching methods and classroom environment
  • approach to student wellbeing and engagement
  • school hours
  • levies
  • assessment and reporting procedures
  • extracurricular activities
  • communication between home and school
  • student participation, e.g.Student leadership programs
  • parental involvement, e.g. parents and citizens’ association.’


Below is our Prep transition schedule for this year. Please contact us to enrol or if you have any further questions.