With the end of first term near, it seems a long time ago, that our eager new Preps bounded through the historical doors of the Old Stone Building. With some nerves and mostly excitement, the new Prep students had been counting down the days until their first day of school.

Since beginning school, lots of amazing things have happened… Pirates have stolen all of the letters that the Prep students had learned, requiring a treasure hunt around the school to relocate them! They were amazed, as they joined three of their learned sounds together to read a word on only their second day! We have cared for and learned about our Pet turtle, Tony, and have discovered many things about what it is like to be a school kid. All of the Prep students have settled in well to school, a top priority within the first term of school as their learning will always follow.

“Learning is the best thing about school” states Prep student Harvey, while Harriet and Scarlett are, “Excited to play with our new friends and buddies.”