On Monday 29 June, the 1/2 students of Warrandyte Primary School were visited by Mrs Sargood as part of ‘tuning in’ for their Inquiry concept ‘Time Changes Many Communities’.

Mrs Sargood acted as a teacher from the olden days (1869) and shared many facts about what life was like during this era. Students were surprised to learn that photographs were black and white, and that it was unacceptable to smile in a photograph. Mrs Sargood taught them about family life, clothing, servants and the strict roles that males and females had.

It was a must that students sat in lines, used a quill, lined up in partners, and if necessary were threatened with the ‘cane’. Students gained an idea of what it was like to go to school in 1869 with an emphasis on school being “NO FUN”!

Mrs Sargood helped us to understand how times have changed. Thank you Mrs Sargood!